Schoeps Colette Series Stereo Set CMC6 with MK4 Cardioid Capsules

This wonderful, elegant set of Schoeps Colette series consist of a pair of CMC6 amplifier and a matched set of MK4 cardioid capsules. While DPA is known for its accurate, realistic, and at time almost clinical sonority, Schoeps add a bit of character to that clarity. The character can be described as elegant, nuanced, and non-intrusive. Overall, this is a very good choice of set for recordings that benefit from the most subtle details, such as in classical recordings.

Sony PCM-D100 Portable High Resolution Audio/Voice Recorder

The PCM-D100 is a continuation of Sony's high resolution recorder lineage. The most obvious difference is that PCM-D100, unlike PCM-D1 and PCM-D50 which required Sony's proprietary memory cards, adopts the more standardized SD memory cards. It is head and shoulder above compared to PCM-D50, although still a no match with PCM-D1 in its build quality.

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